Note: Due to iOS limitations you need to be on a computer to download ringtones!

Mountainhead Shark aftitle

How do I install a ringtone?

Download the zip file containing the ringtone to your desktop computer. Unzip and add the .m4r file to iTunes, then sync. It should now appear on your iPhone.

I include an .mp3 of each ringtone for other devices (eg- Android phones) but I am unable to support other devices.

Help! It won’t sync new ringtones!

If you cannot get the ringtone (or any other ringtone for that matter) to sync try this:

  1. 1. Open iTunes
  2. 2. Browse to Tones section on your device in the sidebar
  3. 3. Uncheck Sync
  4. 4. Sync
  5. 5. Recheck Sync
  6. 6. Sync

What’s an Astral Fish anyway?

I was reading The Hitchhiker’s Trilogy and the idea formed in my head… sort of mindlessly wandering space matter, going with the flow, utterly uninterested in intelligent life. In my initial searches to make sure the domain name was available I was awestruck that Alan Moore had mentioned Astral Fish in this interview:

"Some entities I've encountered seem to be completely stupid, they're like astral fish. Spectacular, but they're not there for much. Not very intelligent, they have their properties and peculiarities but they're not that interesting…"
Reading that affirmed that Astral Fish was a terrific name for what I was trying to do. Ringtones are disposable - yet invaluable - and among the most frequently heard sounds in your day.

Tell me more

I’d love to but I have other stuff to do right now.